Setting Up a Virtual Network Lab with VMware Workstation and pfSense – Part 5, DHCP server

Now that we have our server set up for DNS and Active Directory we need to add one final role. We need a DHCP server on our network to handle giving out IP addresses. Since we turned DHCP off on our pfSense router in part 1 of this tutorial we need to add it to the server. So here we go… On the Server Manager dashboard click add roles which will start the add roles and features wizard. on the before you begin screen click next.


For installation type choose role based and click next.


select your server and click next.


Select the DHCP Server role.


and accept the required features by clicking add features.


for features accept the defaults and click next.


review the DHCP Server screen and click next


then click install and let the install complete and click close.


In the Server Manager dashboard up in the right hand corner by the task flag indicator you will see a yellow exclamation mark trying to get your attention. click it to open the task details and click the link “Complete DHCP configuration”. This will open the DHCP Post-Install configuration wizard.


Review the first window and click next.


Select “Use the following user’s credentials” and click commit


review the summary and click close.


Now go to Server Manager tools and open the DHCP manager. Right click the IPv4 node and select “New Scope” from the menu.


This will start the “New Scope Wizard” click next.


Name your scope, I chose bimpression-lan, and give it a short description.


Enter the IP info for your network from part 1 of this tutorial. Our start IP will be and the end IP will be with a class c subnet mask of and click next.


In the next window we will add an exclusion range for IP’s that we don’t want the DHCP server to hand out. I would like to keep the first 90 IP addresses for other things like static IP’s so I’ll add the range of – to the excluded address range list and click next.


You can set the lease duration for the IP’s, I accepted the default and click next


Select Yes for configuring DHCP options and click next.


Enter the router info, in our case its and click next.


On the next screen you can accept the defaults and click next.


Add the WINS Server and click next.


Select yes to activating the scope now and click next.


Click finish.


Now reboot the server and once rebooted log in and go back to the DHCP manager where you can review your new scope.


you can now start up your virtual client that we created in Part 2 of this tutorial and go to the cmd prompt and give an ipconfig /all command. you can see that it now has an IP address in the range that we set our DHCP server to hand out. the DNS sever is also listed correctly.


Now when you go back to your server with the client still running you can view it in the DHCP manager under address leases, you will see the Client01 pc in your domain.


Our next step will be to add the Client01 PC to the active directory domain. Stay tuned!