Setting Up a Virtual Network Lab with VMware Workstation and pfSense – Part 1 the router

In this part I’ll create a new pfSense virtual machine┬áthat will act as our router. It will have two NIC’s, one for the WAN and the other for the LAN that our virtual network will use to keep itself on its own private network. The first thing we have to do is create a new custom virtual network in VMware Workstation by going to Edit > Virtual Network Editor… and then click on Add Network… select a network to add from the dropdown list (I selected VMnet11) and click OK, under VMnet Information check the Host-only radio button and make sure that everything else is unchecked. You can leave the Subnet IP and Subnet mask to whatever VMware has given you.

Virtual Network Editor

Now we can create the pfSense virtual machine. Click “Create a New Virtual Machine” on the VMware Workstation home screen.

VMware Workstation Home Screen

Select “Typical (recommended) from the Welcome to the New Virtual Machine Wizard screen.

Welcome to the New Virtual Machine Wizard

Select “I will install the operation system later.” radio button and choose Next.

Guest Operating System Installation